Sony Ericsson X1 XPERIA vanaf 30 September te koop

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Voordat iedereen naar de winkel rent. Bedenk wel dat deze datum alleen geldt voor Zweden, Duitsland en Engeland.

Maar, op de kop af zeven maanden na de aankondiging van de X1 XPERIA in Barcelona, heeft Sony Ericsson dan eindelijk een officiele release datum bekend gemaakt.

Het slechte nieuws is dus dat hij de eerste weken (of maanden) alleen in de drie bovengenoemde landen te koop zal zijn, maar het goede nieuws is dat er in Q4 nog 32 landen volgen en daarbij staat ook Nederland.

Daarmeer komt dus eindelijk ook een einde aan alle speculatie en geruchten over uitstel, afstel en andere fabeltjes over de X1 die we de afgelopen maanden de revue hebben zien passeren (zie ook de gerelateerde berichten hieronder)

Het complete (Engelstalige) persbericht kun je hier nalezen.

London, UK - 10 September 2008 - Sony Ericsson today announces 30 September 2008 as the official launch date for the highly anticipated Xperia™ X1 – initially available to consumers in the UK, Germany and Sweden. The handset will be available in other markets across Europe, Asia and Latin America throughout Q4 2008.


Indonesia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam

Western Europe

Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Portugal

Central Europe

Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic

Middle East

UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait


South Africa

Latin America

Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia

Availability dates for North America, China, Australia and Russia along with other countries not mentioned above will be announced by local markets in the coming months.


To start the countdown to the launch of Xperia™ X1, Sony Ericsson will host a live global webcast on September 15 at 13:00 GMT + 1, offering viewers the first in-depth demonstration of the handset. The web cast will also premiere the first episode of an alternative reality thriller Johnny X. To register to view the web cast and Q&A session with Xperia™ X1 Senior Product Manager Magnus J Andersson, please visit:

“We are extremely pleased with the innovation and new user experience we have created for consumers on the Xperia™ X1,” said Rikko Sakaguchi CVP and Head of Creation and Development at Sony Ericsson. “The in-depth demonstration on the web cast will showcase how this handset is truly unique. The nine panel eco system puts the user in total control of the primary experiences available on the phone and allows consumers to personalise the panel interface to suit their needs and lifestyle. The Xperia™ X1 has the highest quality screen on the market, four-way navigation keys and optical joy stick to give a stressless browsing experience and, with its super fast processor and network speed the Xperia™ X1 really bridges the gap between personal, entertainment and work mobile needs.”

Johnny X Alternative Reality Thriller

Johnny X is about a young man with amnesia desperately piecing together his identity. The webisodic thriller comprises of nine episodes, created to demonstrate the rich, immersive and experiential elements of the Xperia™ X1.

The storyline follows Johnny X on his mission to rediscover his identity. As he finds out more about his lost life in a race against time, he updates his Xperia™ X1 with new content to piece together his personality and identity, reflecting how the phone can be personalized to suit users’ individual lifestyle and needs. Will Johnny X find out who he really is before it’s too late?

“Producing the Johnny X thriller has given us an engaging platform to demonstrate all the capabilities and features a user can experience with the Xperia™ X1 phone,” said Lennard Hoornik, Head of Marketing at Sony Ericsson. “The panel interface is a perfect way to reflect your personality and can be tailored and changed to suit your exact needs at any given time. No two Xperia™ X1 will ever have the same combination of panels on the phone; we are all individuals and deserve to have a phone that reflects that. ”

Over a three week period, one new episode of Johnny X will be posted online at every Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting on Monday, September 22. Check out the trailer for the series at

Via: Sony Ericsson

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