Tienermeiden bekennen moord op moeder per SMS

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Twee tienermeiden, die ervan beschuldigd worden hun alcoholistische moeder letterlijk 'verzopen' te hebben werden in de rechtzaal geconfronteerd met verassende bewijzen voor hun daden.

De aanklager presenteerde een SMS conversatie die de meiden de dag van de moord met een vriend voerden. Uit de SMSjes is precies op te maken hoe koelbloedig de dames de moord planden.

De twee dochters hadden, zo bleek, ma-lief vier slaappillen toegediend, gevolgd door een fles wodka en fles wijn. Nadat moeders in een diepe slaap gevallen was hebben ze haar in de badkuip verdronken.

De SMSjes van die dag, enkele uren voor de moord:

Friend: When are you guys going to do it?

Accused: We do it after she is completely unresponsive.

Friend: You've already given them (Tylenol 3’s) to her?

Accused: Four of them, plus a bottle of vodka and wine.

Friend: Oh my God. How did you get her to take them?

Accused: She just takes them and forgets. She's stupid.

Friend: Okay. Good luck. Use gloves.

Voor wie de rest van deze thriller wil lezen:

1: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but have u thought about the time of death?

2: We have J*****’s alibi, plus we’re leaving right after the mall, and coming home late.

1: Alright, because yeah u can’t be home at the estimated time of death ... so u should leave within an hour of doing it.

2: Lol, yeah, I’m pretty sure we thought of everything we cud.

1: And when you get back, ur gonna call the police, right?

2: No, we’re gonna wait a while.

1: Well I can just see one of the two of u flipping out and not able to get the police there.

2: We’re probably gonna be semi-drunk or somethin’ and just be the silent type.

1: Don’t be semi-stoned, because if for some odd reason u was couldn’t they inforce a drug test and use it against u later, saying u were so stoned. So it woulda been easier for u to commit the act. … I guess it doesn’t matter since u will come up positive anyways.

2: We always come home like that, tho. We’re just teens.

1: Teens in front of a jury who sees two punks. Please don’t get me in court tho, alright? Because I really don’t wanna hafta lie in court.

2: That’s only if they don’t keep it as an open/shut case of drunken drowning.

1: I wanna hear your plan.

2: Wouldn’t it better if u knew less?

1: Not really. I’m involved, no matter cause I know about it … and technically (although I won’t I promise), should go to the police, so I’m not an accessory to the crime. I won’t.

1: How much money are you getting? And where are u getting the Tylenol 3’s?

2: Lol, when I’m 18, like 70K … unless it doubles or whatever, cuz it’s an “accidental death?? … It’s 70K each too … We got them from J*****…

1: Have u checked up on the plan? To make sure you know all the catches?

2: Tonite we’re grab her bank card … If she falls asleep, she’s not trying to kill herself ...

1: If she falls asleep with Tylenol 3’s, it might be seen another way. Lol.

1: I’m not trying to talk you out of it. I know it would be useless since I’ve tried b4 … But I’m just trying to look out of it. I know it would be useless just in case somehow u missed one. I’m not saying u did, but u never know.

2: I’m only doing it for the money.

2: I get to be the one to call the cops when we ‘find’ her ... and like cry.

3: If there’s one thing I can do, It’s be extremely convincing ... It looks sooo convincing in my head … you two just sobbing … me just trying to act tough, but eyes watering …

2: That’s why we should we tipsy … I have to act like I’m 10 again.

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