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Twee Duitsers (nee, ik zeg niets) werken momenteel aan een RFID chip killer, wellicht gevoed door het soort berichten zoals wij die eerder vandaag publiceerden over de RFID tagged Viagra.

Hoewel hun artikel voor de meeste techneuten ongetwijfeld zeer interessant is om te lezen gaat mijn zorg toch voornamelijk uit naar de enorme lijst met waarschuwingen die dit portable EMP device met zich mee zal brengen. Vooral de gedachte dat je met een druk op de knop alle pacemakers in de buurt kunt plat leggen is redelijk verontrustend.

Zie hieronder de complete lijst met waarschuwingen die overduidelijk door een Engelstalige schrijver gepost zijn (let vooral op de eerste zin!)


This part of this article probably will be longer than the equivalent part in the german article, since english-speaking peoble seem to be more concerned with security matters and less careful with electric devices ;-)

- Poldi kindly informed us, that having a RFID-Zapper with you when checking in to a plane might cause trouble or even get you arrested (he almost was). RFID-Zappers are basically some kind of pocket-EMP. Although we doubt that it has the capacity to cause any trouble aboard an airplane, we seriously recommend against testing it, for reasons of your own health as well as that of others.

- RFID-Zappers don't comply with the FCC-rules.

- Modifying a single-use-camera into a RFID-Zapper isn't completely free of risks. If the capacitor is still charged fully or partly, you might catch yourself an electric shock. If you are a healthy, young person, this is probably only going to hurt a lot, but if you should have any kind of problems with your heart and/or circulation, you definetly want to properly decharge the capacitor first. If you use a bigger capacitor, the risk increases.

- Soldering irons are know to be unpleasantly hot at the tip.

- We also recommend against using the RFID-Zapper on RFID-Tags found within electrical devices, for these are likely to suffer damage too. You also shouldn't use RFID-Zappers to near to electric devices, especially if they are expansive. You also shouldn't use it near to magnetic data storages, like floppy disc, MCs, harddiscs, creditcards, streamer-cartridges and so on. And don't try it near to your grandpa's pacemaker or other sensitive medical equipment either!

- We don't think that the RFID-Zapper is a strong source of what is known in Germany als Elektrosmog, which means some kind of smog caused by electromagnetic fields. But if you are concerned about it, you might want to be careful. Unfortunately we can't tell you wether wearing a hat of aluminium helps or not.

- The RFID-Zapper might cause you to feel armed against companies or gouvernments trying to compromise your privacy. You might even experience euphoria, especially when destroying RFID-Tags. This could lead to dangerous behavior, like speaking your mind, using freedom of speech, fighting for your rights, all of which are bound to ultimatley lead to the communist world revolution ;-)

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