28 november 2007 - Ron Smeets

Complete 'Changelog' van de nieuwste N95 firmware

Met dank aan een van de commenters op All About Symbian die zo vriendelijk was om dit complete overzicht van alle nieuwe- en aangepaste features van de laatste N95 firmware (20.0.015) op te snorren en online te zetten.

Standaard geeft Nokia deze informatie namelijk niet vrij. Hieronder kun je alles nalezen maar gezien de enorme hoeveelheid heb ik 'm niet vertaald.

Changes/improvements made from MCU SW v12.0.013 to v 20.0.015:


- Maps application version updated (Nokia Maps 1.0)

- GetNGI (Games)

- Music shop

- OTA WMDRM (Windows Media Digital Rights Management)

- Active standby search

- Video ringing tone

- ODP (On Demand Paging)

- DVFS (Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling)

- Switch application version updated


- General stability improved.

- Several localization errors corrected.

- Various application help files updated.

- Default language not always read from SIM correctly.

- Volume side keys don’t work in all situations.

- WLAN wizard can’t always connect to secure WLAN network.

- Cannot edit or delete access points if lot of WLAN access points created.

- Midlet icon may be shown twice after installation in some cases.

- Midlet suite upgrade doesn’t work correctly if amount of midlets in suite has changed.

- Streaming aspect ratio is not correct if QTSS server doesn’t provide Framesize tag in SDP.

- Key presses are sometimes missed.

- Connection dropped easily in crowded WLAN environment.

- Cannot pre-configure push email application in variant.

- OTA configuration containing an unknown parameter is ignored by device.

- Call divert icon disappear after power cycle.

- UPnP interoperability improved.


- Dropdown list not opened if size is defined.

- Large images in web page are not rendered correctly after scrolling.

- Flashlite memory management improved.

- Cannot access to SIM phonebook if device language is set to Chinese.

- Cannot add Chinese characters to input/search box in browser.

- Real One Player may show invalid default name for some downloaded videos.

- RSS-links does not work anymore if article was downloaded from web feeds.

- Improved handling of large web pages.


- Streaming doesn’t always continue after long pause.

- Some m4a files cause music library to crash.

- Album art not shown for WMA files if picture size is over 64 KB.


- Image editor closes on attempting to edit and send an image a second time.

- Cannot upload images to online share if lots of images stored in device.

- Image viewer crash when opening malformed JPEG file.

- Thumbnail creation speed of big video files improved.


- Cannot have non-ascii characters in mailbox name.

- Reduced character coding -option in text message settings doesn’t work as expected.

- MMS presentation not saved to draft folder is exiting application with end key.

- IM client allows empty alias.


- Device may reset if moving out of WLAN coverage during VOIP call.

- Cannot register to VOIP if found WLAN connection is too weak.

- VOIP doesn’t re-register if going momentarily our of WLAN coverage.

- Automatic connection to SIP server fails often if started device in offline mode.

- VoIP call can’t be established when multiple profiles with same realm.


- Video recording with front camera may freeze the device.


- Device may restart if receiving voice call during ongoing video call.

- Unable to create call after successful balance query.


- Maximum limit for streaming bandwidth for UMTS and WLAN increased from 999kb.


- Call divert indicator disappear in device is restarted.


- Improvement to Location API performance if lots of landmarks in device.


- Tracking feature removed from Nokia Maps application

- Some people have reported issues with the Search application upon removing their memory card

- Some people have reported issues with not being able to connect to their PC via USB cable after update

- Call log bug STILL alive (where the call log represents every call as a mobile call)

- Some people are complaining that picture quality has been degraded

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